This is episode 50.

Today we are joined by Wilson Peng, co-founder and growth expert for YesInsights, an application that makes the online customer survey process quick and painless for businesses.

Wilson really surprised me with his story of extreme passion and motivation – he started his first profitable venture in high school, and has been going ever since.  


  • How Wilson made the Very Sudden Jump from Employee to Business Owner
  • Why Travelling to China with No Money in the Bank became a $3 million yearly revenue business opportunity
  • How Wilson’s Intense Year of Unpaid, 20 Hour Days is Still Paying Dividends
  • The Hack that Got Him Started as a Growth Expert for Startups
  • And the Biggest Customer Survey Tips to Maximize Engagement and Sales Conversions

Wilson was clearly born to be an entrepreneur, and he’s got some solid advice – and warnings – for anyone who finds themselves going down the same path.

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