October 11-14th, 2018 Las Vegas

Rhodium Weekend

Only 100 attendees are selected each year to attend our flagship event for 3-days of learning, connecting, problem solving and experience sharing.

Sorry the 2018 event is full. We hope you join us next year.

Who Is Rhodium Weekend For?

Rhodium Weekend is for owners and potential buyers of online businesses valued at 6 to 8 figures.

This is not a startup tech conference and the attendees aren’t middle-managers being sent by their boss to learn SEO. It’s not for business-opportunity seekers or people thinking of being an entrepreneur but have no experience in business.

Rhodium Weekend is for successful, established digital entrepreneurs and investors who are eager to learn, to share, and to connect with like-minded people.

Attendees are owners and investors in businesses ranging from:

  • Content publishing
  • eCommerce
  • SaaS
  • Productized services

You can also learn more about our member selection criteria here.

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These aren’t sponsors.

Owners of the following notable brands have attended Rhodium events.

Who’s coming to Rhodium Weekend in 2018?

If you’re looking for an event where you can take a selfie with the latest “internet famous” marketer, you’re in the wrong place.

Don’t come for the speakers, come for the attendees. Besides, the attendees are the speakers. We leave out the big egos who come in for a session then immediately leave. Our speakers are in-the-trenches and can share from their own experiences growing 6-to-9 figure businesses. This is real talk, about real projects, and the lessons learned are universal.

Here are some of the entrepreneurs, investors, and industry influencers who have attended in past years.

  • Owner of a portfolio of websites that generate millions of visitors a month.
  • Founder of an artificial intelligence content marketing tool used by the biggest names in the industry.
  • Creator of one of the most popular keyword research SaaS applications (which he since sold).
  • A team of investors who acquire 7 figure online businesses every few months.
  • Creator of a 6 figure/year portfolio of Amazon affiliate sites who uses no link building at all.
  • Ecommerce entrepreneur who has successfully launched 14 cosmetic and supplement brands.
  • Former Executive who worked on films like Titanic who now sells digital products to screenwriters.
  • Owner of a financial newsletter company that earns 7 figures in profit annually.
  • Co-Founder of an affiliate management agency whose clients include Tony Robbins and Groupon.
  • Blogger who writes about his experience getting to $45,962 average monthly net income in 2017.

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Why Be a Part of Rhodium Weekend?

Being an entrepreneur, especially an online one, can be isolating.

While we have great offline friends and family, they often don’t seem to relate or “speak the same language” of online business. It’s a whole lot more enjoyable to be on this crazy journey when you have a peer-group around you to share the journey with…and those connections start and get strengthened at Rhodium Weekend.

It’s not just an event, it’s a community.

We spend three days meeting and greeting, then the rest of the year supporting each other. Part of what makes Rhodium so special is the masterminds, a vibrant Facebook group, and occasional in-person meet ups through the year. Vegas is our chance to meet in person and to form connections that last for years. It truly is the best of both the offline and online worlds.

Leverage other people’s experience.

We believe there’s just two ways to learn. You can learn by making all the mistakes yourself or find someone who’s already done it and learn from them. We believe the latter is the more effective way.

That’s why we bring the best minds in the community who are doing the most interesting things to Vegas for 3 days. We share our lessons and we help each other by diving into the weeds of each other’s businesses to share experiences. 

At the event, you’ll get the behind the scenes answers specific to your business based on experience not theory.

  • Find out what’s working now in building, buying, monetizing, scaling and selling online businesses.
  • Learn the latest trends and tactics from industry experts and in-the-trenches entrepreneurs.
  • Solve problems and brainstorm ideas to scale your online business you might never have thought of on your own.

Over $20,000,000 in deals…not a bad byproduct.

We measure our success by the quality of long-term connections built through the community, but deals are a nice byproduct. In our first five years of hosting this event, we tracked online businesses which were either bought, sold, partnered in or received funding as a result of Rhodium Weekend. However, we lost track once it hit the $20,000,000 mark. That’s $20,000,000+ in deals from simply getting the right people in the right room and engineering the right environment.

Don’t miss out on being in the room this year.

Apply to See if You Qualify

Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you. Submitting an application puts you under no obligation.

What Should You Expect at Rhodium Weekend?

An intimate event focused around quality people who have a passion for building, acquiring, monetizing, scaling, and exiting portfolios of online businesses.

Actionable Presentations

In-the-trenches entrepreneurs share case studies you can apply.

Roundtable Discussions

Highly focused topics so you can get specific problems solved.

Group Dining Experiences

Breaking bread is one of the best ways to connect further.

Fun Group Excursions

Get out and have an unforgettable experience with the group.

You’d have to be there to fully appreciate the experience…

but these highlight videos give you an idea what it’s like to attend.

2016 Highlight Reel
2015 Highlight Reel

The 2018 Location:
The Las Vegas Strip

Rhodium Weekend will be hosted at a luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Why Vegas? Here are a few reasons:

  • Comfortable October weather
  • Easy access to flights
  • Luxury resorts
  • World class restaurants
  • Inspiring attractions
  • Multiple shows
  • And of course the gaming.

The Schedule Overview

The event takes place at various times from October 11th through the 14th and will be announced soon.

View the schedule from 2017 to see what a typical event includes >>

Apply to See if You Qualify

Find out if you’re the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you. Submitting an application puts you under no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get invited?

Either ask a current member to refer you or fill out the application form on this site. After completing the form, you’ll have the chance to have a quick one-on-one call with the founder, Chris Yates, to see if there’s a fit on both sides.

What is your guarantee, cancellation and money back policy?

Our policy is simple. You can have your money back any time for any reason until the end of the current year’s event. This kind of policy is extremely uncommon in the event business. We’re in this for long-term relationships, not a few hundred dollars.

What is the Mastermind?

The Rhodium Mastermind members are some of our most engaged members who want to meet more frequently than once a year in Vegas. We meet monthly through an online meeting system facilitated by Chris Yates. We follow a specific mastermind format called a “hot seat” which allows the focus to be on solving one or more member’s specific challenges. Membership to the mastermind is optional for Rhodium Weekend members and costs $129/month.

What are the ticket pricing options?

Other exclusive communities and events for high-level entrepreneurs often charge $10,000 to $25,000 per year to be a member. Rhodium Weekend tickets are $997 each and include an event ticket and access to our Facebook group and member rolodex for 6 months following the event. Mastermind members receive a 50% discount on event tickets plus access to mastermind-only sessions.

Can I have a discount?

Sorry, we don’t do discounts (aside from the Mastermind discount). If a $997 purchase puts you in a difficult financial position, we recommend against applying or attending.

What are workshops?

Workshops are half day mini-events during the afternoon before our evening welcome reception. They are more about doing and less about teaching. Attendees who have purchased tickets will have the option to add a workshop on to their passes. Each workshop is hosted and priced separately. You can learn more about workshops here.

Will there be a live stream or recording?

The real value of the event happens when the camera is not on. We don’t make a live stream available. We may release limited recordings in special circumstances, primarily for alumni and active members.

Will I have to sit through a bunch of pitches?

We don’t allow speakers to pitch from stage. The Rhodium team may share invitations to join the mastermind or sign up for future events. These are all opt-in, with your permission requested first and we will not force you to sit through anything.

Can I bring my business partner or significant other?

To be a part of the community and attend the core sessions, every attendee, including business partners must go through the same vetting process and purchase their own tickets. If you’d like to bring a guest to non-hosted meals or activities outside of the core sessions, you are welcome to do so.

Who are the speakers and what are the topics?

After you apply and are invited, you’ll get access to the full agenda including speakers and exact speaking topics. The core themes of the event are building, acquiring, monetizing, scaling, and exiting portfolios of online businesses.

Can I join the community without attending the event?

Yes, but we don’t guarantee you’ll get to keep a spot. The size of the community is purposefully kept small and we regularly remove inactive members. We encourage you to join, but we expect you to be engaged and helpful.

Only one thing left to do.

Apply now while spots are still available. Due to the more intimate nature of this event and limited availability of tickets, not everyone will get an invitation to attend this year’s Rhodium Weekend event. However, we encourage everyone to apply. Submitting an application puts you under no obligation.